[thelist] ASP reference online?

Jeremy Weiss jweiss at cox-internet.com
Wed Jul 20 12:26:06 CDT 2005

Here ya go:



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> Hey all,
> I haven't done any ASP programming in a long time (and the crowd cheered).
However I am now
> updating an old web site where I need to do some ASP (and the crowd boos.)
Anyway, I have
> literally been searching the web for over a half hour for a simple ASP
reference where I can look
> up methods and properties.
> Example - I needed to look up Select Case ( finally found it on a VB
reference site) and now I'm
> simply wanting to find substr and substring, how to correctly use them.
I'm am getting totally
> shut out on Google, and I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it is!
I've tried searching
> every combo.
> Anyway, there has GOT to be some kind of ASP reference where I can look
stuff up online - anyone
> know of one? Has .Net just superceded everything? Lots of my old ASP links
are now dead and even
> DevGuru's site blows for ASP. I'd look this stuff up in a book but I don't
have one around for
> ASP.
> Last case scenario - mabye someone can clue me in on the substr and
substring methods!
> Tom
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