[thelist] CSS-Can't get IE to change link color

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 20 14:15:37 CDT 2005

--- "Peekstok, Anna" <Anna.Peekstok at METROKC.GOV> wrote:

> Page: http://www.metrokc.gov/airport/index_new.stm
> <http://www.metrokc.gov/airport/index_new.stm> 
> In the "News Updates" box on the right, I've styled links to be white, but
> IE stubbornly shows them in its default dark-red (i.e., unreadable against
> my dark background) color. The relevant styles are in the page header.

The Red is your visited state:


	{ color: #990000; }

Is the rule it is seeing. IE and NS are handling it differently because of the way each handles
the rules. Remember the LVHA (love, hate) rule: Specify link, visited, hover, active

a:link { color: foo }
a:visited { color: foo }
a:hover { color: foo }
a:active { color: fooey }

They should all be together. Try that and see if you get better results.



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