[thelist] embedding (?) audio

Bill Scheider earthwrk at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 21 21:23:44 CDT 2005

Hi there,


A friend who's a musician asked me to put a small site together for him,
which is an easy enough request. The problem: he wants to have samples of
his recordings available on the site and I've never worked with audio files
before. But, it might be a good time for me to learn!


Would someone point me in the direction of some good online resources or
share some advice about how to go about this, how complex (or easy) it might
be (I've been designing sites only for about two years and just completed my
first all-CSS site about a month ago), and maybe some problems I can
anticipate? (I may not have been designing sites long, but it's long enough
to know I better anticipate problems!).


Thanks for any and all pointers and help.


Bill Scheider

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