[thelist] Proximity/Radius searching?

Erik Heerlein erik at erikheerlein.com
Thu Jul 21 22:41:07 CDT 2005

> are there any affordable solutions for integrating a radius search 
> from a specified address.  For example, returning all zip codes or 
> addresses withing 'x' miles from a specified address. I'd like to 
> integrate this radius/proximity searching into an existing website.

I believe once I saw some code to do that which was basically a poor 
man's way of doing it without map coordinates. Since zip codes are 
bunched together, 29412 is next to 29487 and so on, you search for 
matches between zip codes. Stores with zip codes between 90210 and 
90300 are close together. So you add 100 and subtract 100 to the 
customers zip code that they entered and you search in that range.

Works pretty good for, "Find a dealer in your area". Through trial and 
error you can figure out that say, +200/-200 to the zip code gives you 
stores within 60 miles or whatever. Increase the range and you increase 
your search area.

Like I said, not very scientific, but it seemed to work pretty well.

Erik Heerlein
erik at erikheerlein.com

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