[thelist] help with fluid css layout

Donna Jones donnajjones at gwi.net
Fri Jul 22 00:48:56 CDT 2005

Sarah, the unexplained margins are the default margins from the browser 
for the paragraphs.  If you add,
p {margin: 0; padding: 0; } into your css, you'll see the margins go away.

I just started learning css-positioning in January and still feel like a 
newbie, too.  you made me remember a "template" i did not too long ago, 
all the colors brought it back, i think.  its here if you want to look,
http://www.westendwebs.net/css_class/template.htm  not the layout you 
want but our minds were thinking the same way - getting rid of the 
margins and such.


Sarah Sweeney wrote:

>> I'm a newbie myself, but seeing no-one seems to have answered, try 
>> something
>> like the following:
>>   <snip>
> Thanks, David, this seems to (almost) work:
> http://sarah.designshift.com/test/20050719-layout1.html
> except for the unexplained margins at the top and bottom of the content 
> div. Any ideas?
> Also, should I worry about using absolute positioning, i.e. are there 
> any potential consequences I need to worry about?

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