[thelist] uninstalling flash plugin because of ads was: embedding (?) audio

Robert Gormley robert at pennyonthesidewalk.com
Fri Jul 22 11:21:33 CDT 2005

Markus Staas wrote:

>Sorry but I have not heard of one single user who uninstalls his or her
>flash plugins because of abuse of flash in ads.
>Is that really an issue? What do others say? Is there evidence supporting
>it? Would be interesting to know more.
It does happen, and there are some annoying Flash ads.

Some people do uninstall the plugin.

But the /very very/ vast majority don't. Even those who care enough
about their experience etc to use Firefox.

And of that subset who dislike Flash, you'll find that a lot won't
uninstall the plug in, they'll run an extension to block 3rd party flash.

I'd estimate the number of people who did as being less than .1%


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