[thelist] Setting permissions so localhost can be used by Firefox

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Fri Jul 22 13:34:09 CDT 2005

Matt Warden wrote:

>Michele, are you talking about allowing other people to access the
>server on your computer? If so, what server are you using?
>AFAIK, there are no settings necessary for Firefox to view a web
>server running on the local machine.
Sorry, Matt; Michele is completely correct. I had the same issues but 
cannot remember how I corrected it. I am sure it is the challenge 
authentication. Have you googled this? I found the solution that way but 
regret I cannot remember exactly where or what I had to do.

The idea is you log on in Firefox with your Windows login credentials, 
if that's any help - you may also have to change a setting to permit this.

So frustrating not being able to remember - the brain cells just won't 
stop dying off.



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