[thelist] Holy Status Bar Batman

Sam Carter sam at iness.com
Wed Aug 3 09:56:44 CDT 2005

We're using a JavaScript to launch a fixed size browser window.  Key to 
the whole enchilada:  Suppressing the browser window drop-down menus, 
tool bars and the status bar at the bottom.  Once this is done, we have 
a known display size and design content to fit the available space.  - 
(This isn't my idea, I only work here.)

The JavaScript doing the launch is fairly elementary.  I read 
JavaScript, but I don't speak it.  Even a novice can get the following code:

<a href="#" onClick="window.open( 
'Engine.htm?xmlUrl=../toc.xml+environment=development',  'name', 
);">Click Here to Launch</a>

Some IE 6.0 browsers occasionally leave the status bar present at the 
bottom... covering the navigation links at the bottom (this is a major 
issue).  This problem is intermittent, but not too rare (2 of 6 
workstations show this problem occasionally).

A fair amount of other JS executes within the launched window, 
(unfortunately, I don't have access to that script), but I believe once 
a window is launched without a status bar, enabling the status bar is 
not supposed to be an option.  For example, I can see the window is 
relocated to coordinates (0,0) after the launch, so there is some 
behind-the-scene JS doing the window move.

Any thoughts on why the status bar is occasionally showing up?


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