[thelist] Resume / Portfolio Review

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Mon Aug 8 05:26:40 CDT 2005


> Resumes are about what you have done, and should be succinct and
> impersonal, not a list of "I have, I do, I am and I did". I am :-)
> currently hiring people and do spend about 10 minutes scanning the
> resume before giving the person a call. Yours gives me the impression
> that you want to wow me with all the things you have done instead of
> telling me what you are good at and what you are looking for.

OK, good advice.

> As for advertising XHTML: I would be very sure to practise what I
> preach  especially on a portfolio site. Yes, linebreaks are XHTML when
> you close the BR, but they are still not a clever idea when it comes
> to semantic HTML, as they do have no meaning.

First of all, they are perfectly valid XHTML. Secondly, you will notice 
that my doctype is 'XHTML 1.0 Transitional' which should allow <br /> 
tags with no problem. Thirdly, I wrote 'XHTML' not 'Semantic HTML' -- 
these are different concepts. And last, I actually agree with you 
entirely. I had those tags in for testing at one point and I forgot to 
take them out. Now I did. :)

> Also ensure that you have a good Word CV/Resume. You will hardly find
> an HR department that even bothers looking at online ones, no matter
> how good an idea they are. Bureaucracy is older than the web.

Oy vey. I am already getting a headache being so professional. OK, I put 
  a Word version there. It needs editing, but it's there.

I wrote up that resume several years ago (most of it). Looks like I need 
to review the entire thing and make it, ummm, professional, eh?


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