[thelist] Javascript game doesn't work in Safari or.. ?

James Hardy evolt at weeb.biz
Mon Aug 8 08:15:14 CDT 2005

Pieter Roosens wrote:
> Op 8-aug-05, om 13:16 heeft James Hardy het volgende geschreven:
>>> Can anyone test in other browsers on PC and/or tell me how I can  
>>> get  this stuff to work ?
>> Bad news, the code you are using utilises the old level 0 DOM so is
>> designed for IE4 and Netscape 4.
>> IE 5 and 6 are backwardsly compatable with the old IE4 DOM, but no  
>> other current browser implement either of them (newer version of  
>> mozilla partially implement the IE4 model, but not fully)
>> There is a newer and better way that works with all current  browsers, 
>> called the dom level 1 which was standardised by the w3.  Basicly the 
>> script will need to be rewritten for this - mostly in  the include 
>> file http://www.megaheaven.com/test/puzzle/dynlayer.js
>> shouldn't be too difficult for someone who knows JS. Pain in the  arse 
>> for someone who doesn't :S
>> -- 
>> James Hardy
> Thanks James, for this clear answer.
> Too bad.
> I'll head for similar scripts more up to date.
> Any pointers in that direction would be much appreciated :-)
> So I'm looking for simple online game scripts, free to use (GNU...).

The thing to look for in scripts is document.getElementById('wibble') 
rather than document.wibble, document.layers['wibble'] or any other way 
or referencing something on the page called wibble. Provided it does it 
that way - you should be fine in all modern browsers.

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