[thelist] ASP.NET Security - protect a downloadable document

Casey Crookston caseyc at thecrookstons.com
Tue Aug 9 12:47:08 CDT 2005

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From: "Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com)" <peter at easylistbox.com>

>    I believe the problem is that no other file types are run the ASP.NET
ISAPI filter.  To add powerpoint files to the list, you'd need to open up
the Properties window for the website in question, go to the Home Directory
tab, click the Configuration button (in Application Settings), and then add
an Application Mappings entry for the .ppt extension.  Take a look at the
.aspx entry first and you'll know how to set things up (although you don't
have to specify verbs; you can just use the "All" setting).
> Hope this helps...
> Peter

Nailed it.  Thanks Peter

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