[thelist] Dynamic Image Map

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Thu Aug 11 05:39:51 CDT 2005

Jeff Howden scribeva in 2005-08-11 05:39:
> The reality is that even with the use of JavaScript, a non-flash approach is
> more accessible, degrades better, and the pages being linked to can be
> indexed by search engines. 

Wouldn't perfect solution then be using both Flash and JavaScript. First 
try offering Flash version, as vector graphics are lighter than bitmaps. 
If that fails try JS and images. And as final resort show static image 
and text.

In practice this should obviously go the other way round: first give 
no-JS non-Flash page and have a small Flash movie there redirecting 
visitors to Flashed page. If they stay on the initial page, they don't 
have Flash. In that case JS steps in, and tries to replace the static 
content with dynamic. And if even that fails, the visitor still sees the 
original content. This way everybody will be happy :-)

As a side note, the arguments that anti-Flash people use apply mostly to 
any badly made sites, with or without Flash.

If used properly Flash is a great tool and improves user experience 
significantly - and when used badly it's a bloody nightmare. And exactly 
the same goes for JavaScript too.


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