[thelist] Site Check Please (copyquality)

David Bailey dab.hand at xtra.co.nz
Thu Aug 11 08:19:56 CDT 2005

>> Please check http://www.copyquality.co.nz
> On the contact page all links have an extra /services/ on them

Thanks everyone for your contributions. I appreciate the comments and
assistance (including incorrect graphics and alt tags. I'm pretty tired and
missed the errors. 

As for the header not being in one include: the job is only a small but a
bit of a rushed one. Nevertheless, the point is right; I had to go and check
every page‹and there were other errors in the links.

I have to wait for the client to check if that has solved the problems he
was getting as I cannot reproduce the errors he was getting, but I suspect
it was the reason.

Thanks again,


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