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Dena Marchant dmarchand at verizon.net
Thu Aug 11 16:48:23 CDT 2005

How do you know Moscow Idaho :-)

I'm working on a ticket sales website.  Producers of the shows will add 
productions through a web form.  I want to put these cities in a db table. 
If I let users
enter the city, state, zip, there are bound to be misspellings.  If I give 
the user a series
of pulldowns, then how do I get all of the cities.  Any combination of these 
has problems.
Perhaps they could enter a zip code and somehow I could use that to give 
them a city
which they would ok or not.

Hope that clarifies a bit.  Thanks

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On 8/11/05, Dena Marchant <dmarchand at verizon.net> wrote:
> Does anyone have suggestions on how to ensure that cities entered
> into a database through a web form will be:
> 1. spelled correctly
> 2. valid
> 3. not duplicates
> I'm wondering if there is a service that can take a string that is the 
> name of
> a city and tell you whether it is valid?
> These will only be cities in the United States.

Like Sebastopol, Moscow / Idaho, Berlin or  Amsterdam? :-)

You can check ZIP Codes, but I doubt that there is a Thesaurus for city 

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