[thelist] Problem: incredibly slow ftp program

Mike designbase10 at shaw.ca
Fri Aug 12 01:22:24 CDT 2005


Over the last few months I have found my ftp program is incredibly slow.

It often waits for a minute or two after I click a remote folder and the 
program indicates:

"getting file list"

It seems to take a long time just to open up the remote directory and 
simply list the files on the remote server.

I do not recall making any major changes to my network that would have 
caused this slow ftp responsiveness.

I thought this might help but it didn't help that much: I went to the 
preferences of my ftp program and changed the Transfer Buffer size from 
8K (modem) to 64K (ethernet). It still takes a while to list the 
directories although I think the file tranfers may be faster.

What settings should I check or what might be the reasons that ftp 
program runs so slow?

I tried using the ftp program built into Dreamweaver MX and it too is 
slow - takes forever to open a remote directory.

My internet is working at a nice fast speed - its just my ftp program 
thats slow.

my ftp program: Fetch 3.0.3
my computer: 355 MHz mac G3
my internet: highspeed cable internet
webpage program: Dreamweaver MX

Thanks for any suggestions,


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