[thelist] List horizontal navbar IE PC problem

ben morrison morrison.ben at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 04:18:21 CDT 2005

On 8/11/05, David Bailey <dab.hand at xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> I have a problem in IE PC with the (red) navbar on the following site:
> http://www.copyquality.co.nz
> In FF (PC, Mac), and Safari etc it appears correctly with the text appearing
> in the middle of the bar (ie. centered vertically). But in IE pc, it appears
> towards the top of the red bar.

It looks like you haven't changed the margin/padding on your UL
element inside of #headernav.

Different browsers have different default settings for each HTML
element - this is especially the case with lists.

Its good practice to reset your UL & LI elements to 0 then add however
much margin/padding is required:

#headernav UL { margin:0;padding:0;} #headernav UL LI {margin:0;padding:0;}


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