[thelist] U.S. Cities

Brooking, John John.Brooking at sappi.com
Fri Aug 12 10:51:53 CDT 2005

>How do you know Moscow Idaho :-)

I looked and unfortunately couldn't find a picture for you, but there's
a famous sign in central Maine (USA) with pointers in all different
directions for Mexico, Poland, Norway, Paris, and a few others I forget.
They are all names of towns in Maine. In fact, my wife belongs to an art
collective in Norway, and we go through South Paris to get there! :-)

<tip author="John Brooking" subject="debugging technique">
   Really, really stumped on why something doesn't work the way you
think it should? Here's a technique I sometimes use which is a lot of
work but is almost always successful in isolating the problem. Start
over with something very basic that works. Gradually add in more code
that is similar to what you have that doesn't work, making the second
more and more like the first, until the second also breaks the same way.
(You have to be a little careful about adding things in a sensible way,
of course, so as not to introduce additional syntax and other problems.)
This will help you isolate the problem area.
   Concentrate on the part of the program that's having the problem, not
the extraneous stuff. You can start by adding or omitting larger chunks,
then when you identify which larger chuck is making it break, split that
chunk into smaller parts and apply the same technique. Eventually, you
should either find the problem or get enough additional hints to give
you more information to Google for.

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