[thelist] Browser incompatibility question

Chris Coonce-Ewing chris at coonce-ewing.com
Fri Aug 12 12:45:33 CDT 2005

I'm doing a redesign of a JournalSpace layout for a friend.  I've been  
running the code against the W3C validator and my CSS is fine.  The HTML  
is good as well (aside from what the Validator says is a </p> for an  
unopen <p> which I can't find)

However, it looks great in Opera, a bit off in Firefox (the top banner has  
extra space under it), and then in IE it looks horrible.  I'm just not  
sure what it is that I'm missing.  Usually, IE is a more lenient with code  
than the Netscape family (in my opinion) so I'm confused.

Also, if anyone with Safari can tell me how it looks, I'd appreciate it as  

The test area for the redesign is: http://buttmunch.journalspace.com (I  
had to sign up to create an account with Journalspace to do the work and  
buttmunch was my protest account name).

Thanks for any input,

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