[thelist] ajax question, server vs. client request

Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Fri Aug 12 15:03:52 CDT 2005

   Well, could you just gulp the whole thing at once with your server, and then store it for retrieval as needed?
   This assumes, of course, that (a) the data isn't too massive and you can get it all in a small number of requests, and (b) they don't mind your presenting the entire contents like this on your own site.

 From: Anthony apwebdesign at yahoo.com

Hmmm....anyway around this? Is it possible to parse
the rss feed directly?

--- Matt Warden wrote:

> On 8/12/05, Anthony wrote:
> > I'm thinking of doing an ajax site, which will
> query
> > craiglist rss feeds. I've read a little bit about
> > xmlhttprequest function, used by ajax sites, my
> > question is, will the request to the craiglist
> server
> > be coming from my server ip, or the browser/client
> ip
> > address?
> Your ajax app will need to proxy the request through
> your server,
> because XMLHTTP and variants can only open URIs with
> the same server
> name as the application, for security reasons.
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