[thelist] sql insert problems

Robert Vreeland vreeland at studioframework.com
Fri Aug 12 17:43:46 CDT 2005

Hello List, 
Hope some one will have an idea, so here goes.
I wrote a windows app that migrates the access databases we use in our
application to ms sql databases. We have run the updater on six different
machines - to update ourselves and clients, with no problem. But on our most
recent attempt - another client, only partial success. The application can
connect and read / write from both the access databases and the ms sql
database but only inserts a few record before stopping. I'm not getting any
connection errors, and we have tried the updater locally with a copy of the
clients db with no problems - everything migrates. We duplicated our ms sql
server config options on the client machine - including the query and
connection timeout params, with no apparent difference. Ultimately, I
wouldn't even care if the updater failed as we can do a manual import of the
data, a pain as there are over a hundred databases involved, but the problem
seems to be extending to the application itself, which is relying on at
least one database to store user variable for sharing between asp and
asp.net and that write seems to be failing as well. 
So any suggestions on where I can look for settings that might prevent lots
of inserts? It seems as if something is timing out or blocking the inserts
after x number.
Thanks in advance for any help
Robert Vreeland

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