[thelist] DOM ol li listing issue, Please Help!!!

S.F. Alim salim at vodatel.com
Mon Aug 15 08:20:18 CDT 2005

Thanks you quick reply, First of all --> I have read your article
"Unobtrusive JavaScript" its amazing [still there are points I don't get it
but still its amazing], frankly speaking I hardly understand someone else
code, but your way of explaining and getting to the point is fantastic.
Actually I got this sort of coding from this site "www.pxl8.com" very neatly
explained and to the point also. So I was also following the same pattern,
maybe I am wrong [well I am wrong as you told me].

Coming back to my own question...  tell me this what do u mean by

* Don't make your sites dependent on JavaScript,
* especially not with non-existent protocols like "javascript".

I will test you script InshaAllah soon, and will get back to you soon. Cuz I
have a lot of question about how to do good coding and about DOM.

Thanks again,
S. F. Alim

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You are going about this the completely wrong way.

A solution to your issue:
Start with a server side fallback for the same functionality:
<a href="list.php" id="listcreate">create list</a>
(I will not do the PHP here...)
then add a JavaScript to do it client side, for example:
        function makelists()
                if(!document.getElementById ||
                var listtrigger=document.getElementById('listcreate');
                        var items=new Array('One','Two','Three','and so
                        var newol=document.createElement('ol');
                        var newli;
                        for(var i=0;i<items.length;i++)


                        return false;


Which is not really up-to-date JS (not using addEvent and so on, but
does the trick).


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