[thelist] ASP Session Not working. Please Help!

Blas J. Gallegos blas2 at cox.net
Mon Aug 15 01:12:20 CDT 2005

To all,


     I found a page with your email addresses on the web and thought I'd ask
for help.  I'm having an issue where ASP sessions on my website are working
when I access the page on the server with the http://localhost/  address,
but not when accessing from outside the server via the web.  Any clues,
tips, or reason why this would happen? 


It's simple code.  I'm just initializing the session with a string and
calling it from a different page.  Sometimes it works from the outside, but
I don't know what triggers that behavior.  Here is example of the code and
session mode. 


<%Session("example") = ("examplestring")%>   <--  in one page




<%Response.Write(Session("example"))%>   <-- on a different page



Session mode




                         timeout="20" />



I would appreciate any advice.  Thank You!


Blas Gallegos

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