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Rich Points rich at richpoints.com
Mon Aug 15 13:53:57 CDT 2005

Kevin Stevens wrote:

> I am doing a site at the moment and, after checking it out on several 
> different browsers, have found something odd. I recently had to 
> re-code a site where the hyphens started appearing as question marks. 
> To make sure this didn't happen again I used the ampersand alternative 
> – instead. We have an old imac at work with IE and all the 
> hyphens appeared on the screen as –. Not sure what version of IE 
> it was, and Safari displays the contents correctly, so...
> 1. Why is this happening?
> 2. Could someone else check it out using IE on a mac for me please.
> 3. What can I do to prevent this?

Upgrade to Safari or FireFox, IE for Mac is a dead browser, don't waste 
your time coding for it.  It's used by less than 2% of web surfers and 
that number is falling.   You can hide your style sheets from IE 5x and 
other old browsers using  @import syntax.

Good Luck


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