[thelist] CF: UDF in Application.cfm not accessible?

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Tue Aug 16 10:47:25 CDT 2005

I've got some UDF's included in the Application.cfm file, but they don't 
seem to be acessible unless I inlcude them in the actual script I want to 
use.  I'm using include.cfc <http://cflib.org/udf.cfm?id=627>. I understand 
why the paths are relative in this tag, but I don't understand why if I 
include it in Application.cfm that I get the error "variable INCLUDE is not 
defined" when I call it from an included script. Sounds like a scope thing 
to me.

How can I go about including my UDF's only once, and have them acessible 
from all my scripts?

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