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Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Wed Aug 17 20:32:29 CDT 2005

having just researched this for our new podcast feed:
and help page:

it seems that an audio feed is just a normal RSS feed but with the audio linked to in an <enclosure> tag. Only RSS2 and Atom support them? 

So you just need to tweak your CMS that is making RSS files, to make them with <enclosure> tags too. Or you need to start making RSS files. There are plenty of ASP scripts for generating RSS files. 

I found it was very easy for us to start "podcasting" - the blog software we use, Wordpress, does it automatically for you. If there is a link to the file in the body of the blog post, then it automatically adds the <enclosure> tags to the feed.


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>>> Hershel Robinson <hershelr at netvision.net.il> 10/08/2005 22:55:22 >>>
I have a client with a large ASP-based custom-CMS-powered site that now 
has audio files. He wants to set up an RSS feed for those audio files.

The site is presently in ASP although there is a consideration (in 
deliberations right now) to rebuild the site in PHP, so either one is a 
solution at present. I also have seen Windows apps that appear (I 
believe) to create such a feed.

I know nothing about RSS, so any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you,

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