[thelist] Site Redesign: Ruby On Rails or PHP from ASP

Mike Roy michaelproy at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 14:35:57 CDT 2005

Hi - 

I'm a perennial novice developer with high-level experience using PHP,
ASP and ColdFusion (in descending order of proficiency) I'll soon be
taking over a site for redesign that is currently ASP with SQL Server.
I want to start over with Apache/PHP, but I'm getting more and more
enamored with Ruby On Rails. I'm especially interested in the
labor-saving features as I will be a one-man-show for this site. The
Db is most likely going to stay MS SQL Server, no matter what I put
out front. I don't know the traffic statistics yet, but it's an
academic program and so probably doesn't have quite the performance
standards of an e-commerce site.

Does anyone have any experience that would cause them to recommend PHP
over Ruby/Rails or vice versa? Or even to stay with ASP?

- Mike Roy

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