[thelist] Site check IE Mac

David Bailey dab.hand at xtra.co.nz
Mon Aug 15 14:18:27 CDT 2005

Hi Kevin,

> From: "Kevin Stevens" <kjs at ratking.co.uk>
> I used the ampersand alternative &ndash; instead.
> We have an old imac at work with IE and all the hyphens appeared on the
> screen as &ndash;. Not sure what version of IE it was, and Safari displays
> the contents correctly, so...

I can answer the second question you ask with certainty on the browser that
I have on my mac.

> 1. Why is this happening?
I don't know, except that earlier browsers on Mac appear to not support the

> 2. Could someone else check it out using IE on a mac for me please.
I've just checked with IE 5 on Mac and it's fine; the hyphens appear as a
dash. I'm not sure that there would be too many Macs out there with IE less
than 5 now.

> 3. What can I do to prevent this?
It depends on whether the very few Macs out there with earlier versions of
Mac matter to your client, I guess.

Someone with more experience will have to answer the first and third
questions you have asked.


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