[thelist] CF: UDF in Application.cfm not accessible?

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Fri Aug 19 12:26:43 CDT 2005

At 08:57 PM 2005-08-18, you wrote:
><cfdirectory action="LIST" name="formList" 
> > <cfsilent> <cfoutput query="formList">
>  <cfif Find('.cfm',formList.name)>
>    <cfinclude template="../_www_apps/app_functions/#formList.name#">
>  </cfif>

Two things. It's an interesting approach. I would also tend to cache the 
query, and check to see if it's been run before listing the directory again 

The issue I'm having, however is that if I include a udf in my 
application.cfm file, I can't seem to access it from inlcuded documents. 
I'll often include two levels deep, and what I'm wondering is how to make 
them accessible regardless of where I call them from, without having to 
include the UDF each time I want to use it.

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