[thelist] IE sending page crazy

David Bailey dab.hand at xtra.co.nz
Sat Aug 20 06:07:19 CDT 2005

Thanks, Burhan. I should have thought of that first myself! I put the page
through the validator myself and it came up with 16 errors. Actually, it
suggests that the errors made are usually made when using "strict" doctype
with frames. The page is neither‹it is 4.01 transitional!

The css validates, although, I think that this is minimal; it's a
table-based page and css is more cosmetics.

Thanks for your help. I'm not sure whether fixing these will solve the
problem, but we'll see.


> Actually, this is not what happens on my version of IE (latest non-7).
> What I can say is that this is the most extreme difference that I
> have seen in rendering between FF and IE.  I actually compared the
> source to make sure it was the same markup!
> There are a a few problems with this markup, I suggest that you
> recommend to your friend to validate it. Just my initial 2-minute view
> of the code leads me to the following:
> 1. There is a table that from what I know, serves no purpose. Its
> literally blank. just a set of <tr></tr> tags.
> 2. There are quite a few closing font tags, with no matching opening tags.
> I did not check the CSS though.
> Burhan
> David Bailey wrote:
>> I am asking this for a friend (I haven't done the site) as I can't see the
>> reason for the problem. The problem only occurs in IE 6 Win, it seems (I
>> don't have an earlier version but am told it is okay; and it is okay in
>> Safari and FF).
>> The link is:
>> http://www.propertyvisionnz.co.nz/index.htm  (please note: no final "l"; I
>> point this out as there is a "cover" page up while the site is being sorted
>> out by the owner's developer (this is her first site).
>> You can see what the page is meant to look like and how it works in FF.
>> What happens is this:
>> The page flickers if you run the cursor over it. I can't pick up what the
>> problem is. It appears that the developer has used Dreamweaver templates.

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