[thelist] IE sending page crazy

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Sat Aug 20 08:53:06 CDT 2005

David Bailey wrote:
>>>David Bailey wrote:
>>>>The link is:
>>>>What happens is this:
>>>>The page flickers if you run the curser over it.
>>Burhan Khalid scribeva in 2005-08-20 08:17:
>>>Actually, this is not what happens on my version of IE (latest non-7).
>>>What I can say is that this is the most extreme difference that I
>>>have seen in rendering between FF and IE.  I actually compared the
>>>source to make sure it was the same markup!
>>I've got too latest MSIE 6.0, no flickering here either, and compared to
>>FF, the rendering is almost identical! The only differences I could
>>spot: the menu has slightly larger type in FF, and the top banner is
>>taller in FF.
>>IE 5, IE 4 had no problems either.
> That's weird! I have MSIE 6.0 win, so has the client and he reports that
> another friend had the same problem, although, the developer cannot
> reproduce the problem on an older IE browser. Not sure what is happening
> then! On my (and those others mentioned) browser there is only the logo on
> the top left corner, and the rest of the page is white until I put the
> cursor on the page; it then flickers to fill the screen with a light green
> colour. If I click anywhere on the page, the url changes, but the page
> doesn't!! Weird!

This is what I was getting, except I had a large horizontal scroll bar, 
I saw one link, no logo, and the rest of the page was shifted the right.

I just refereshed, and it seems to show similar to FF.

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