[thelist] A map

Norman Beresford n.beresford at anansi.co.uk
Mon Sep 12 03:21:35 CDT 2005

Hi all

I'm looking for a schematic (I'm told map isn't the right term as I
don't want a true map) of the world.  We've a client that does most of
their work in EMEA, but occasional bits outside it.  They want a flash
animation showing where there work takes place, the sort of thing where
you mouse over a bit of the map and relevant text appears.  

They've had a map produced for them, but it's basically a map of the
world.  What I'm looking for is a map, but where the EMEA area is more
prominent.  I just want to find something that illustrates how such a
thing would work, rather then a fully working flash solution (they'll be
commissioning that).  Could anyone suggest a website where something
similar might be used?


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