[thelist] CVS server specs

Richard Maloley II richard at rrcomputerconsulting.com
Wed Sep 14 10:54:19 CDT 2005

I have never worked with a CVS repository.

However, I would assume that that machine would be beefy enough to handle
the load. As long as the network is stable then access shouldn't be too
large of an issue.

I would search opensource projects on Sourceforge and I'm sure you can find
something that just requires Apache + MYSQL + PHP, and this will definitely
run on a Windows XP box.



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Hi all,

I've been put 'in charge' of setting up a CVS server to allow us to have a
code repository for a medium sized government site.

The code and content is about 1.6 - 2GB in total. What I need to know is
what quality of machine we'll need to run CVS.

1. We'll likely be using a leased desktop machine (due to internal
requirements) to host the code and the software. Will this be grunty enough?
(2Ghz 512Mb RAM 40Gb HDD)

2. Do open source CVS solutions run only on *Nix boxes? Our pcs come
installed with XP and it will be a 'challenge' to allow IT to let me blow
the OS away to install a *nix distro. That being said, I've also never
actually administered a *nix server.....

Any advice welcome. Please :)

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