[thelist] Linking to a movie - best practice?

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> > Yes, but that is because Flash gave them a new experience,
> I disagree. Pretty much it lets you watch cheesy movies and 
> lets advertisers make ads that don't stop immediately when I 
> hit Escape the way animated GIFs would (back in the days 
> before I deinstalled the Flash player if it somehow found its 
> way onto my system and before I knew what Privoxy was).

That's a pretty biased perspective. You don't like it. Fine, but that
doesn't mean that's what it does.

Take SVG. I could, by your rationale say, "SVG is a 'new' graphics
format, that offers this and that." "I disagree. Pretty much it lets
nice web designers build dinky little demos that look like someone build
a cheesy little gif in MS Paint, but it gets anti aliased too."

There are plenty of things Flash does and does well. Interactive and
dynamic graphics, scoring, weather systems. Justifying your distaste for
it by redefining it as "pretty much" a delivery system for things you
dislike is disingenuous.


(who used the dis- prefix a few too many times in that last sentence.)

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