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Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Sat Sep 17 13:50:05 CDT 2005

Christian Heilmann wrote:

> Hmm, I work with one Mac and 5 different PCs and none of them are
> capable of 1600x without making my eyes bleed.

How does high resolution (high quality) make one's eyes bleed? I use
high resolution to PREVENT eyestrain, because the more pixels in a given
area, the more accurately and thus pleasantly anything can be rendered.
High-resolution = jaggie free, without artificial font "improver"
overhead like anti-aliasing. 26px on a 1600x1200 resolution 17" CRT is
exactly the same size as 13px on a 800x600 resolution 17" CRT, but the
difference in quality is overwhelming, with 4X the pixels per character

BTW, the CRT I use at 1792x1344 and 2048x1536 was one of 3 identical
garden variety 19" Dells manufactured 63 months ago and given to me
as cast-offs last year. Even older is the graphics card I use with it,
manufactured in 1998, and for which I paid less than $20 used. There's
a lot of equipment already in use capable of much higher quality
output than what its users set it to provide.

> So does MacOsx or text browsers on Solaris and DOS, what does that
> prove?

It wasn't offered to prove anything except maybe that it's easy for
someone trying to design with one or two puters to make invalid
assumptions about how a design might work using a different environment,
or worse yet, not even consider that other environments exist.

> Have you ever had real clients or project managers
> breathing down your neck for the release of a site and "make sure it
> works for us and the CEO of the client's company"?

I wouldn't even consider working for anyone who does not consider
universal accessibility a primary design objective. My objective is
making the web less difficult to use, not contributing to a serious

> Only by helping _step by step_ 

I disagree if what you say means that every respondant needs to address
every flaw found in detail. I take the macro approach. If you can't see
what's there, nothing else really matters.

> [1] http://www.devilsdetails.com/

Ouch! How's anyone going to learn accessibility when they keep getting
pointed to example sites poisoned with font-size: 11px; in body? I hope
you remember not everyone creating web pages yet knows that IE is not
the only web browser.
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