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Anthony Ettinger apwebdesign at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 20 11:58:54 CDT 2005

> > > Face it, this is 2005 and people aren't running
> html
> > > 1.0 on lynx any more.
> You are making great arguments in favor of Windows
> here...
> > Uh...I still use Lynx, sometimes that's the only
> > browser I have access to. For example, I'm
> installing
> > LInux on my desktop (no gui desktop installed
> yet),
> > and I need a driver from ASUS.com. The problem I
> have
> > is Lynx doesn't support frames and flash and
> > javascript, which asus.com has all over the place.
> So
> > I have to use another working comptuer to access
> it.
> Never a problem with Windows.  Even in the VGA mode
> the web is still
> graphically available.

yeah, but windows is an inferio OS in my opinion, but
that's a seperate debate. Point is, we should have the
freedom to use whatever software we like. Coding for
one particular browser is like Toyota saying you can
only use Chevron gasoline.

> > The other problem I have is with my router's
> web-based
> > configuration, again Frames and Javascript. I can
> ssh
> > remotely to my home machine, and the only way for
> me
> > to access the router's config utility is via lynx
> > (command line browser). This makes it impossible.
> I sure love Terminal Services/Remote Desktop in
> times like these.  I still
> can't fathom (and I guess I'm dense or something)
> why some people have a
> love affair with SSH.
> See, Windows ain't all that bad!

Grep, security, etc? When was the last time you ever
found anything you're looking for with their 'search
function' ;-)

Anyway, I don't expect someone to agree if they've
never tried it.

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