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Canfield, Joel JCanfield at
Tue Sep 20 12:15:58 CDT 2005

> yeah, but windows is an inferio OS in my opinion, but
> that's a seperate debate. 

> Point is, we should have the
> freedom to use whatever software we like. Coding for
> one particular browser is like Toyota saying you can
> only use Chevron gasoline.

Not sure how you mean 'freedom' in this context.

Toyota has the right to build their cars any way they want, and if you
buy a Toyota, you have no right to insist their car runs on some other
brand. You have the right to buy a different brand; they should make
better business decisions, etc. etc.

Until the web turns into a purely altruistic social experiment,
insisting that some commercial enterprise meet your needs or wants is no
more realistic on the web than in your local car dealership. They're on
the web to make money, not because they love you and want you to be

> When was the last time you ever
> found anything you're looking for with their 'search
> function' ;-)

About five minutes ago. Do it every day. And, yes, I use Linux (and Sun
and other *nix flavors and a Mac) but I gave up hating Windows long ago.
I'd rather hate important things like the dearth of decent radio
stations in Sacramento or raisins in my Oatmeal. Windows, I can live
with. But soggy raisins . . . brrr . . . it's like all the flies came
home to die in my breakfast bowl. Name one thing about Windows that's as
bad as a congregation of dead bugs in your food. 


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