[thelist] Wireless security

Robert Gormley robert at pennyonthesidewalk.com
Wed Sep 21 01:37:48 CDT 2005

john at johnallsopp.co.uk wrote:
> Hi ppl
> Just a quick question. Is this off topic? Not sure. We'll see.
> If I wanted to set up a Wireless G network at home, is stopping people
> parking outside and connecting to my Internet, and worse, my network,
> as simple as setting a password? Or am I being simplistic?
> Cheers
> J
It's the first step.

Some of these methods are 'security-by-obscurity', but none of them hurt:

1. Use WPA(2) encryption, as high a bit level as possible. For most home 
networks, if autoconfiguration isn't perfect, you need the TKIP option. 
WEP is a fallback if WPA is unavailable.
2. Switch off SSID broadcasting.
3. Switch off any DHCP server on the router, unless ease of use is a 
4. Specify IP addresses and MAC addresses allowed to connect to the router.

Do all these and you'll make it a lot easier for someone to go find 
someone else to harrass.


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