[thelist] Aren't we forgetting a user group in our CSS? Idea:Editor Stylesheet

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 08:03:21 CDT 2005

> It would be great if you read the post before posting answers like
> that one here. This is a dangerous threadjack ending in a holy war
> about editors. My idea is to deal with the issue with products at hand
> - we will not get Tridion to change their £200k product editors love
> because most WYSIWYG textbox editors fail in one way or another.

> I've changed the style sheet, toolbars, and edit area size for the
> editor itself so when they type in the editarea it shows up just the way
> they see it later. Also added some custom classes for them to change
> font sizes etc. and got rid of the old font-size font-color
> boxes/drop-downs.
> And totally compliant is http://xstandard.com/ - free if you want to
> make your own file/image uploading features and a couple others
> yourself, and yes, it does do CSS inline or externally out of the box.
> hope that helps someone!

And once more, that is not the point at all. The point is that CMS
with full WYSIWYG editors like Contribute, Red Dot, Tridion, Immediacy
and Vignette do not allow the _template_ to be created by some CSS for
layout, as the _editor preview_ will shift the layout around:


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