[thelist] Opinions and Comments on Browser Embedded WYSIWYG Editors (WAS Aren't we forgetting a user group in our CSS? Idea:EditorStylesheet)

VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 08:43:30 CDT 2005

Not to hijack the original thread; adding my comments to a new one.

> Not sure what was hijacked, not on the other list anymore...

I share your feelings.

> I agree, but with a bit of work you can make some editors produce half
> decent code, fckEditor was installed on this site and it validates
> fairly well, (not perfectly):

I have not observed but i think it is possibly done via a filter
function that cleans up the irrelevant markup.

Regarding the opera-support. Yes, the ball is on their side. And, it's
true that it is even impossible to get the caret position of a
textarea in opera, let alone wysiwyg edit mode.

Another point of discussion may be the suitability and necessity of
wysiwyg for a web page. Or to state in other words, will it be better
to use textareas along with BBCode and leave the template-management
and wysiwyg stuff to application packages like contribute, as Chris
has suggested.

Cleaning out the mess a browser produces is kinda overkill, imho.

It is impossible for sure to support all (even modern but
non-mozilla-based) browsers, unless they provide an API of some sort.
OTOH, an application will create the proper markup no matter what. And
the markup it produces will (ideally) be browser-independent.

So which one do you think is the way to go?

Anyway, I'll play with my DOM-based editor thingy for fun and
learning. May be I come up with something that no-one has tried and
become a millionaire :P

Just kidding. But if you don't try anything new, then you don't learn
anything. isn't it?


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