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Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Sep 21 13:18:51 CDT 2005

> This is what my client has asked me:
> "As a general prudent measure we need to know when every download has
> been successfully downloaded and completed.  This is absolutely
> essential for any goods/items that are delivered as a result of the
> customer making a payment to us.  We need irrefutable proof that a
> customer has received the goods/item (could include serial number
> deliverd by email) that they have paid for.  One instance where this is
> essential is in regard to charge backs - we need to prove that they have
> in fact received the goods/serial number.  We don't have a leg to stand
> on if we can't prove that the customer has received the goods.  I assume
> and hope that this isn't a problem - based on the principle that our
> server is talking to their pc whilst it is downloading and all it needs
> to do is send a "I've definitely completed the download" message once it
> has successfully completed.  Tell me if it's not that simple."

This is where you say "it's not that simple"  :-)

Your client is banking on the actions of an unknown and *untrusted*
user-agent (FTP client) to confirm the completion of a transaction.

Bad idea.

One possibility is to require the customer to download your own
tailored downloader which then handles the entire process, and will
return confirmation if the download completes successfully.

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