[thelist] Blog Submitter Pro - useful tool or annoying spam?

Anthony Ettinger apwebdesign at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 22 19:16:28 CDT 2005

Comment spamming is not really something that is
recommended you do. Any of those "submit it pro"
packages for $99.95 is crap anyway.

--- "Sales @ Lycosa" <sales at lycosa.co.uk> wrote:

> I have to say that I feel rather ashamed of myself.
> I got an email from
> a free marketing site I subscribed to promoting Blog
> Submitter Pro. I
> have to admit to having had a couple of beers, and
> wasn't thinking
> rationally.
> So I bought it (cost me a little under £100), and
> set it to work on
> automatically submitting blog messages to as many
> blogs as it could. It
> was only after Norton antivirus started popping up
> all the time
> insisting I do a full scan, and started getting
> adware popups and Trojan
> messages and incessant background music...
> ... I decided to do a little Googling on the
> subject. Most frowned upon
> it as spam generation, others hailed it as the new
> sliced bread. So I
> took a measured approach, and ensured that I didn't
> go over the 7 days
> distance selling cooling off period before asking
> for my money back.
> I was concerned that people seeing the messages left
> in their blogs from
> me would become angry and flame me or worse. So I
> put my own message in
> telling them that this was a trial and I wanted to
> know if it annoyed
> them, and to tell me so in my blog. I would stop
> using it and ask for
> refund if was apparent that it annoyed people.
> I did ask for my money back after 3 days, and got it
> in a timely manner.
> So that was good. The main reasons I decided to stop
> using it was - 1) I
> got fed up with the virus problems 2) felt
> uncomfortable with what was
> essentially a black hat promotion method and 3) my
> link popularity
> plummeted from 2000+ to 750 or so (it's back up to
> 2000+ again now).
> I would be interested to hear other views on this.
> I posted a message on my own blog about it, if you
> want to add comments
> to it: http://www.lycosa.co.uk/blog.htm 
> Phil Parker
> Lycosa Web Services Ltd
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