[thelist] Re: [work] ServerBeach... what does the world think?

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Fri Sep 23 04:37:46 CDT 2005

> e.g. In Windows command shell, at the C:\> prompt type:
> ping somedomain.com

I use:

tracert somedomain.com

which generally gives more complete results and by examining the various 
hops along the way, I am generally able to see precisely how long the 
translatlantic hop is.

> My other server in the US pings at 167ms, which gives you an idea of the 
> difference the transatlantic hops make. You wouldn't want to play Quake 
> off it, for example.

I also see under 20ms for a local Israeli site and over 160ms for 
yahoo.com, which clearly appears to be physically located in the USA. At 
5:30 AM EST, however, I generally get better results connecting to the 
US than I do once everybody wakes up over there. :)

Tsfat, Israel

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