[thelist] Firefox Problem

Pieter Roosens pieter at roosensdesign.com
Tue Sep 27 08:02:41 CDT 2005

> Hello.
> I'm having trouble with a page under construction
> which can be seen at:
> http://www.ahavaschesed.net/AnotherTest.html
> If someone can view it in Explorer and Firefox, I
> would appreciate any ideas on how to get the latter to
> display it more like Explorer does (at least getting
> the middle and right sections higher without lowering
> the left one AND without making Explorer show it
> worse).
> Any help would be welcome.
> Thanks.
> David

Hi David,

In FF and Safari on Mac, the left column starts at a higher point and  
goes lower at the bottom end than the right one.
Your layout is somewhat shaked when increasing or decreasing text  
size (which seems rather big).
I think you should make the layout less dependent on the text.
Just my two cents.


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