SOLVED: Re: [thelist] css/dom drop down menu not working in IE

Judah McAuley judah at
Thu Oct 6 17:35:00 CDT 2005

So I finally figured out what the issue was with my drop downs not 
working in IE once I moved them into a class specific to a div. The 
offending section was:

#mainnav li:hover ul, li.over ul
display: block;

IE is ignoring the li:hover (as documented in the suckerfish menu 
examples) so the li.over class is added. The probably I ran in to is 
that I didn't pay attention to the comma seperating those two classes. 
Once I changed it to:

#mainnav li:hover ul, #mainnav li.over ul
display: block;

Everything worked dandy. For the record, I figured it out when I was 
reading up on ALA's article on hybrid css dropdown menus ( ) and noticed that their example 
included a div specifier and that I had missed the comma seperating classes.

Thanks to all those that tried to help,

Judah McAuley wrote:
> Kasimir K wrote:
>> Funny you don't get JS errors, as my FF sure gave one. And for a good 
>> reason, as in your first line is:
>> <script type="text/javascript">
>> Ain't no JavaScript that one... that's (x)html and has no place in a 
>> js-file. Oh, the same goes for </script> too :-)
>> .k
> Well, I feel a bit stupid about that one :)  The javascript was 
> originally in the head section and I moved it to an external file when I 
> was working on xhtml validation. Completely forgot to remove the script 
> tags.
> Removing those takes care of the error in IE...but, alas, it still 
> doesn't make the drop down menu work.
> The thing that gets me is that the menu worked just fine in IE when the 
> styles were applied to the global ul and li elements. But when I changed 
> the style to #mainnav ul and li, it continued to work in Moz/Firefox, 
> but stopped working in IE.
> Judah

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