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Robert Vreeland vreeland at studioframework.com
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I agree, the ideal would be to change the name, but if for some reason you
feel it is necessary to keep the name you can reference it via a variable by
passing the form in as a param using the 'this' keyword, like so:

	<form action="somepage.asp" method="post" name="submit"
onSubmit="return A_Function_Call(this)">
Then in your function you can assign a variable name to the form by :
	function  A_Function_Call(theForm)
		theForm.myFieldName .....
Hope this helps,

Robert Vreeland

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> (2) Perhaps 'submit' may not be the best name for your form - try changing
the form name and see if this gets things working in IE.
> My 2c,

my 2c either. it causes lots of problems (in IE especially).

Once (upon a time where I was using dreamweaver's wysiwyg and js was scaring
me, and thinking that IE was the only browser in the world -- long time ago
I mean :) ) I had had problems accessing a form button with name="submit"
within js.

Volkan Ozcelik
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