[thelist] Two windows; child window reloads the parent.

simonb. simon at exsonvaldes.net
Mon Oct 10 02:54:12 CDT 2005

Alex : > There is a main window with a link to a little window which
> program execution output, updates the main window, closes itself  and
> focus is then returned to the main window.
> Currently i can open the little window, run data, make it close itself
> and so return to the main window, but i cant refresh the main window
> before the little one closes. so the data that is run pertains to the
> main window and i dont want the user to have to press the refresh button.
> hope thats clear.
> do i have to give the main window a name and then refresh that named
> window? how is refreshing done in js?
> something like window.name.refresh? nothing like that in the api tho'
> any ideas, thanks!

Hey Alex

You can access the main window from the "little" one with : window.opener.
So "window.opener.location.href='what_you_want_to_open'", then
window.close(). It should work !


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