[thelist] MS Access: Creating a default calculated field?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Oct 10 08:31:27 CDT 2005

Frank Marion noted:

>>I want to whip up a quick database, where one of the **fields** has a
>>that is a calculation, or that the calculation is automatically
triggered when 
>>data is entered.

>>Balance =Sum(['RentRoll.Due']-['RentRoll.Discount']-['RentRoll.Paid'])

Hi Frank,

I've not used Access much, but I would suspect it's getting confused
because "SUM" is generally an aggregate function working with data from
all of the rows (that meet the 'where' clause).  It might choke on
assigning that to a field in each individual row.

Maybe you could distribute an Access 'Report' along with the DB, where
the 'Report' thingie does the sums and calculations you want?



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