[thelist] Two windows; child window reloads the parent.

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Tue Oct 11 21:43:37 CDT 2005

 thanks for all those replies - helped alot!

> Why are you opening a new window anyway?  If you want a reload, have 
> the link/button open the "little window" content in the main window, 
> do its thing and then reload the original window.  Classic web app 
> functionality, no javascript popups required.

oh its just  a way of showing program output in a memo screen that lets 
the user know somethings happening. its only meant for the testing phase 

btw - tried this and the updating only happens after the little window 
has closed rather than before the close statement. it doesnt matter that 
much but i was intested to know if it is possible to get updates during 
the running of the child window rather than its end,



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