[thelist] Testing URL with regular expression

Gardiner, Iain Iain.Gardiner at inbev.co.uk
Thu Oct 13 04:56:47 CDT 2005

Morning all,
I'm making my first foray into regular expressions today because I've found
that I need to make a simple test in Javascript.  I was wondering if anyone
can give me advice on methodology.
Basically,  I want to check the window.location against the href element of
a link but it's important that it can match if the filename and/or anchors
are included.  So I've arrived at this expression:
    urlRegEx = /(index.php)?(#{1}.*)?/;
And I use this conditional:
    if (navigationLink.href == window.location + urlRegEx)
Hopefully this will match all of these eventualities:
I am not in a position to test this out at the moment, but I was hoping
someone could verify or offer advice on how it should be done and how best
to achieve it.

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