[thelist] OT - folder named con cannot be created on Windows OS

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Thu Oct 13 08:56:18 CDT 2005

VOLKAN wrote:

> Tried it for W2K, W2KServer, W2KAdvancedServer:
> You cannot create a folder named "con" anywhere.

I just tried it on 2003 server as well, can't be done.  Just reverts it 
back to "New Folder"


i think a tip is in order, no?

<tip type="double javascript loops for form validation" author="Brian 

I was recently faced with the problem of having a Multiple question form 
set up like the code block below:

<form id="frmdefault">
	<td><input type="radio" id="q1" name="q1" value="EXCELENT" /></td>
	<td><input type="radio" id="q1" name="q1" value="GOOD" /></td>
	<td><input type="radio" id="q1" name="q1" value="NO" /></td>
	<td><textarea id="q1_comments" name="q1_comments" rows="5" 


and so on for 28 total questions.

The requirement was, that if a "NO" option was selected, that comments 
were required.

Having 28 questions, it only seemed logical to do it in a loop.  But 
then, there's the whole radio button issue--  in order to find the value 
or checked status of a radio button, you need to loop through them all.

Here's what i came up with as a client-side validation function.  Since 
this was built in an internal web-app, server-side checking was not 
necessary, as the computers are controlled.

Since i started with my inner loop, the radio button check, my i and j 
values may seem "backwards" to some.  Perhaps it should be re-written, 
and swapped the j's for the i's, but its just a letter for the index 

function valid() {

	var theform = document.getElementById("frmdefault");

	for (j=1; j<29; j++)
		for (i=0; i<theform.elements["q"+j].length; i++)
			if (theform.elements["q"+j][i].checked)
				if (theform.elements["q"+j][i].value == "NO")
					if(theform.elements["q"+j+"_comments"].value == "")
						alert("Comments required for Q"+j+" when NO is selected");
						return false;


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